The Conexus Arts Centre, known from 1970 until 2006 as the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts, is a world-class performing arts and theatre complex located in the heart of Wascana Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. Constructed to commemorate Canada's centenary in 1967, it was opened by Governor General Roland Michener on August 24, 1970 to serve southern Saskatchewan as a centre for performing arts and exhibitions.

The building, designed by Izumi, Arnott, and Sucijama, is an Estevan brick and Manitoba Tyndall stone structure which houses a Main Theatre (seating 2031), Convention Hall (seating 1600), along with a large variety of conference rooms and lobby display areas. Main Theatre, with three balconies, has a large stage whose front lowers hydraulically to form an orchestra pit for 100 musicians. The centre is the home of the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Although the building was intended as a Canadian centennial project for 1967, it was not opened until August 24, 1970 at a cost of $7.7 million. The reason for the delay was due to an overheated construction industry and rising construction costs. With additional finances unavailable, the steel structure sat for almost two years with a large sign in front posted by local wags, "world's largest monkey bars"; ultimately it was completed after drastic reductions in the original plans, replacing the called-for Vermont marble with Estevan brick, among other cutbacks.

The Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts was renamed Conexus Arts Centre on January 5, 2006 when the Conexus Credit Union made a very generous donation to the facility.